1. It's good to stay here, and there's , as you see there are tables and boards, and everyone , as he likes more , can delight take. But, if in that my meaning accord, not playing , where the spirit of one player -Boccaccio Decamerone
  2. very old and eternally new, mechanic in his development, but effective through phantasy, bounded in narrow geometric space and unlimited in its combinations, fixed in its development and though steril, a thought that brings anything, a mathematics that anything computes, an art without works, an architecture without substance and nevertheless enduring as proved in its beeing and getting as all the books and works , the only game belonging to every people and to every time, whom none knows which God employed it to kill the bore, to sharpen the senses, to tense the soul. Die Schachnovelle - Stefan Zweig
  3. In every civilizated country there's lots of chess players - In Russia almost all instructed people plays - and every player can acknowledge and appreciate a 'good' game or a 'good' problem. Well, a chess problem is a very drill of pure mathematics (a game not at all, since also the psychology plays a role in it) .. Speaking about a good problem you have to mean to praise the mathematical beauty , even though it's a less kind beauty. The chess problems sing the praise of the mathematics. A mathematician Apology - Geodfrey Harold Hardy
  4. "the highest faculties of the intelligence are better challenged and more deeply and more usefully by the more modest game of draughts rather than from the elaborated frivolousness of chess. In this latter one whose pieces sweep with different and bizarre moves, according various and variable values, what is only complex has been mistaken (rather common error) as deep" "Crimes of rue Morgue" E.A. Poe
  5. Dramatic game par excellence - if not not quite tragical - chess has always inspired comparaisons with everything concerning contemporarily spectacle, fight, death : a corrida whose bull to kill is the king .. a fight to the bitter end, clash and meeting of phantasies, shrewdnesses, nerves, intellects, energies" Meridiani - Gesualdo Bufalino
  6. "The spread of the game around the world, and the comradeship which can spring up among chess players almost anywhere, give slightly more credibility to the optimistic FIDE motto : Gens una sumus" "Chess , History of a game" R. Eales
  7. Chess is a kingdom where human phantasy can freely develop. In Chess both players win. People finds friends with chess - and this is the most important thing - and the defeat in a game isn't reason for unhappiness.
  8. The chess pieces are as press letters, which bring the thoughts in a form, and although these thoughts leave a visual impression behind them, their beauty shows abstractally, as in a poem.
  9. Chess isn't simply a sweet amusement. Many and valuable human qualities of the soul can get strong and heritate so that they become customs, which they don't leave us.
  10. Except philosophy, I don't know so good and high fuel for the brain like chess and coffee.
  11. Over the board the lies and the hypocrisy don't live long. They get shooted from the lightnings of the creative combination, sooner or later, and we can't depart, at least not long, and the sun of the justice shine clearly in the master fight.
  12. In the life the games aren't so disputed as in this game, the game give us that satisfactions which life us denies.
  13. The amazing logic and the mathematical exactness set up chess at the same level of any exact science, as also his beauty and imagination of his expressive forms connected with his artistic phantasy set it at the same level of any art.
  14. Chess, like love, is a conflict between reflexes and reflection.
  15. In chess you can see whether a person has or hasn't phantasy and initiative.
  16. People says that the life isn't enough long for chess - but this is a life error, not a chess error.
  17. In a chess game we think , since it gives us joy, to practise our skill to think, and not, by thought, to achieve a purpose unrelated to the game. Here the thought is end to itself, since we have accepted its character for entertainment.
  18. What gives us joy through chess, which is ground for all us, for the unexperienced, who see in the combination sacrifice the highest point, and for the expert, who wonders more the game style, is the same, i.e. the victory of the deep and genial thought over the prosaic one, the win of the personality over triviality.
  19. Chess has an high selfeducational value, as none other game awakes a strong sense of the honour. But this develops the selfobservation and means the selfknowledge, wich forms the every selfeducation foundation.
  20. The game of chess pursuits three aims: the possibilities knowledge, the probable foreboding, the resignation in front of certainities.
  21. Chess is superior to any other game, as Cimboraso to the heap of muck. In life you play like in chess. We throw a plan, but it leaves conditioned to what the game opponent, to the fortunes in life, wants to do.
  22. The game of chess is by far the best and the most intelligent game and in it chance and fortune have no affect. I ascertain that it should be shaming and humbling for me to not obtain a mean success at least.
  23. The featured and finest ripness of the chess game belongs to the fact to be spiritually productive. And the spiritual production belongs to the great pleasures of the human life.
  24. I pity those who doesn't know chess. It brings joy to whom learn it, as it brings high pleasure to the expert.
  25. I'm convinced, that chess owing to their deepness and creativity is able of an enduring development, that here the law acts, that there's a way, which branching we barely feel and there are possibilities, which grounds give us still much to create.
  26. Chess is a mathematical game, from everytime played by nobles and plebeians people.
  27. Crosswords "Metamorphose" - squares - lizards - hexagons - bees - dragonflies - birds/fishes - cubes - village - CHESS - squares

- Crosswords "Metamorphose"
Metamorphosis II - Picture by M.C.Escher

  1. Botwinnik

"Some time in the past chess was just a game. Gradually it won a
large audience. Numerous enthusiast have learned to eunjoy its
beauty, great master have appeared on the scene. After that chess ceased to be just a game. When a match is played which remains in the limelight for years if not decades, then chess becomes an art"

  1. Smislov

"Chess doesn't strive to replace science, though the logic of the chess way of reasoning brings it close to science. Chess is a battle of characters"

  1. Karpov

"You ask what is chess - sport, art or science? As far I am concerned
it's sport, art and science. But modern chess is , above all, sport, of course"

  1. Lilienthal

"No summit of perfection is achievable in modern chess unless you are

  1. Botvinnik

"What an outstanding chess player needs most - apart from talent - are character, specific training, and an agile nervous system of great endurance"

  1. Bronstein

"There were times when the main target of the game was the king. Nowadays the effort is aimed at scoring points, and the attack is launched mainly against the queen. An inventive game is a rarity in our times"

  1. Ashby

"The computer itself lacks any metrical conception and therefore needs a detailed description of the metodology of the chess-board"

  1. Euwe

"It's regretable to confess that computer play chess better and better
from year to year"

  1. Shurieg

The total number of positions into which the thirty two pieces can be
placed on the chessboard is expressed by a fifty-two digit number: 7 534 686 312 361 225 327 x 10^33. It's spelled out as 7534 octillion
686312 septilion 361225 sextilion 327000 quintillion

  1. "Inexperienced chess players often lose, for example, by being tempted into rash moves and hoping that their opponent will overlook the threat.

The conclusion is obvious: it is useless to rely on the mistakes or
the passiveness or the inattention of your opponent, and it's essential
to base your strategy on the assumption that he's clever , cautious,
and he's thirsting for victory just as passionately as you are"
Rastrigin "This chancy, chancy world"

  1. Landau was always interested in mathematical puzzles and even before he

received his doctorate he had published two books on mathematical problems
in chess Edmund Landau

  1. Here we have the marvellous investigation of the late M.L. Tsetlin,

a talented Soviet scientist, into the behaviour of the automata
in "random media", chess games played by computers against hunans and even
between computers, the model builing of economic situations, and many
other things. This is an ever expanding range of problems of extreme
interest, ….
Ya. Khurgin "Did you say mathematics ?"

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